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We adopt a practical and pragmatic approach that relies on direct partnership with the customer in the preparation and implementation phases to provide the customer with tangible results rather than intensive consulting reports.

To achieve this, the consulting exercise starts by intensive and detailed Opportunity Analysis to determine customers UNMET needs.

Did your organization leverage well the knowledge and experience that it has built over many years?

Opportunity Analysis ultimate goal is to build value added products and differentiation for your company. This is done through the following detailed analysis:

  • How is it done now?
  • What does it cost now across the whole logistics channel from raw materials to consumer?
  • What are the UNMET NEEDS?
  • What is the VALUE of meeting those needs

Based on the results of the intensive Opportunity Analysis, the whole cycle is totally reengineered to ensure that the outputs meet the customer’s requirements and the objectives of the organization, the processes are effective and efficient in delivering the desired results.

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