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•HIPRO is able to provide excellent Market Research data because we come from the local industry and we operate since 30 years in the Middle-East.

•HELP expanding in the Middle-East area and grow your business or production in the region by consulting with you on the critical issues. Do it right from the First time.

•HIPRO have Operation Experience with Profit proven track record. We can help in FEASIBILITY studies on your current operation or new expansion projects and help you in the analysis in order to make the proper decision for your business.

•HIPRO can help you from Green-field site operation up to the commercialization of your product line.

•With Experience in Plastics Processing and equipment needed for Film, Pipes, Blow Molding, Injection Molding, etc…, HIPRO can help in the design of the most suitable equipment needed for the desired products.

•HIPRO can help your look on the Global Perspective if you are operating on a regional level or you desire to expand your markets.



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